Public Art at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus

If it is too cold outside, then visit the amazing art work in the tunnels at Tunnel Vision(s).

classmates 001Hi! I am Liv Valmestad the Art Librarian ( A librarian with an iPhone | UM Today – Your Source for …) and I have documented some of the public art at the University of Manitoba campus. Under the <Artist Tabs> you will find an image, information about the artist and artwork, additional links to further research information and sometimes even interviews with the artist! Many of the artists can be found fresh-faced in this picture to the left from 1953! View the Public Art Google Earth Map and go on a virtual tour, or print off map and take a walking tour with your smartphone! Immense credit should be given to Dennis Wilkinson, who was the landscape architect for the University of Manitoba campus in the 1960s and was responsible for planning and siting many of the campus’ sculpture.

Another aspect of the project are the QR codes located by the artworks. using your smartphone, download a QR code scanning app and scan the QR code. It will display the web pages found at this site loaded with lots of information about the artist and artwork. Note: The web site will provide a link to the image, as it will not be necessary to download an image file when you are standing in front of the artwork!

If you have any more information on the pieces, please leave me a comment.

About Liv Valmestad

Hi, I am the Art Librarian at the University of Manitoba. I have documented some of the public art on campus. Enjoy the tour!
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8 Responses to Public Art at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus

  1. Because of the success of this project, I have been asked to speak about it at several library and technology conferences: Access 2010, Winnipeg, ALA Midwinter 2011, San Diego, and ARLIS/NA 2011, Minneapolis.
  2. Bannatyne Campus – Brodie Centre Atrium – Medical Library level
    Project A & Project B – 2 large sand cast glass & steel sculptures, K. Stieffenhofer
    e-mail for images

  3. QR codes work very well in musea, keep up the good work Liv!

  4. Robert B. Epp says:

    Hi Liv,
    Congratulations on your excellent project! It’s great to see all your fine research in action. As you know I had a personal obsession as well when I was at G111 to find out about all the public art pieces on campus. I’m pleased to see you’ve carried through on everything. I was hoping when I went to your site to discover who made the large (now rusted) steel sculpture in front of Speechly Hall. Alas, the artist is still a mystery. I always found it remarkable that the uni had no info on a sculpture so big and in so prominent a location. Oh well, one of life’s little (or rather big) mysteries I guess. Interesting to note the full title of the Ron Gabe piece. Beautiful. Keep up the great work!
    Robert (in Singapore)

    • Hi Robert,
      Sorry for the tardy response. how lovely to hear from you! It is amazing that there is so little information. Jenny Western is slowly working on gathering more. I have applied for a Heritage grant to restore one of the sculptures that is missing half its body. It is the Expo ’67 under “Wallace.” Shoot me an email off this site at

    • Hi Robert,
      Me bad. It has taken me so long to reply. I hope you guys are still enjoying Singapore. let me know when you are ever in winnipeg and we can go out for a drink with a bunch of your friends.

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