William A. McCloy
Buffalo Hunt, 1953
Acrylic on concrete
Mezzanine, between floor 2 & 3, Dafoe Library

Image on cover of  U of M Alumni Journal, v.21, no.2,  1961.

WillPortrait of McCloyiam A. McCloy (at left) was the first ever Director of the School of Art at the University of Manitoba from 1950 – 54. he came from Iowa state, as did three of his colleagues to establish the first B.F.A. program in Western Canada (second BFA program in the country after Mount Allison). See newspaper article, U.S. Teacher Directs Art at Manitoba University, 1950.

“McCloy brought to the art school and the community a complete dedication to his art, accepting what could be called “the missionary role” of bringing the concept of “modern art” to Winnipeg. This meant that his stay in the city was not without controversy. A staff show in 1951 that included a display based on the fifteen-year development of his work, brought a charge from the public that the whole show was a “Morbid Hoax.”  McCloy countered the charges, calling the exhibition a “sincere presentation of sincere work . . . an artist doesn’t paint pictures to hang on walls any more. He is more of a research assistant.” 10 (See Printmaking in the 1950s: School Setting and Dedicated Staff Inspire 1950s Student Printmakers by Diane Scoles).

More artworks by McCloy at Martin-Zambito Fine Art


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