Eva Stubbs
Bust of Chief Justice Samuel Freedman, 1977
Bronze casting on black granite
Robson Hall, Floor 3, west landing
unveiling 001Eva Stubbs knew Chief Samuel Freedman through her lawywer husband and wanted to create a bust of him. He sat six times for her in her studio and when the completed bust was cast in bronze, an unforseen dimple appeared.  The foundary wanted to polish the indent away, but Eva liked the look of it, so it stayed.  Chief Justice Freedman would be happy to know that the law students before their exams, rub his nose for good luck. (interview with artist on January 14, 2014).
National Gallery of Canada web sites:
Artists in Canada/Dictionary of Canadian Artists

CCCA Database Entry

Citizens Hall of Fame at Assinaboine Park includes busts of famous Winnipeggers by Eva Stubbs:  W. John Bulman 1988; Dr. Sybil Shack 1997; Dr. Naranjan S. Chalia 2001; Carol Shields 2002; Dr. Arnold Naimark 2004; Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerals 2005; Dr. Henry Friesen 2007; William Loewen 2009; John Steven Hirsch 1993; The Honourable Samuel Freedman 1987. (Faye Hellner, For the Love of Creation: The Life and Art of Eva Stubbs, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2010, p. 48).


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