Andrew Valko, RCA
Niagara by Night, 1991
Acrylic on carved MDF board
Robson Hall, Rm. 206, (This work was donated by the artist).
Artist in Canada (Gov’t of canada)

Interview with artist Andrew Valko

According to the artist, the construction of the work shows the influence of techniques he learned when studying the Japanese wood block print with master printmaker Toshi Yoshida in Tokyo. Cut sections of wood have been glued together, and the text “Niagara by Night” were also cut out of wood and glued on.  The lines depicting the water in Niagara Falls were carved with a gouge by hand. The image depicts a scene from a movie with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, which is a precussor to his drive-in series of paintings that was to occupy him later on in the 1990s.  These deal with the theme of American pop culture and can be viewed on the artists’ web site. (Interview with Andrew Valko, November 26, 2013).

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