Diane Whitehouse
The Winter, The Light, 1999
Oil , wood, on canvas
two canvases; 45.7 x 61.6cm; 75.2 x 203.9 cm
Architecture/Fine Arts Library, Russell BuildingThis painting was given to the Architecture/Fine Arts Library as a gift from the artist.

U of M Library Materials

National Gallery of Canada website:
Artists in Canada Database

CCCA Artist Database
Cliff Eyland (Gallery 111) Essay on Diane Whitehouse

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5 Responses to Whitehouse

  1. Lauren sheedy says:

    I love the colours used in this painting and how they compliment each other so nicely.

  2. Femi Ajayi says:

    I love the texture and cool vibe given off by the selection of colours.

  3. Femi Ajayi says:

    The tones and colours chosen give of a cool feel to the painting. With the texture doing justice aswell,

  4. Jung Woo Lee says:

    I’m here for EVDS 1602
    Jung Woo, Lee

  5. Siyeon Kim says:

    I was here for VL !

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