Lionel Thomas
Christ the King in Glory, 1958
Mosaic tile
St. Paul’s College


“Chosen from a Canada-wide search, Lionel Thomas used 25,000 pieces of tile to create this building-high mosaic. The image depicts Christ the King in Glory, clothed in priestly vestments and crowned. The iconography is enigmatic in its inclusion of eight figures –are these beatitudes or eight apostles?” (Rector, Dr. David, St. Paul’s College, p.3).

Thorsteinson, Jeffrey, Mosaic, Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, 2013, p. 11.

National Gallery of Canada web site:
Artists in Canada/The Dictionary of Canadian Artists – scroll down to get biography

Lionel Thomas:  Public Art Registry, Cultural Services, City of Vancouver
Lionel Thomas Blog
UBC Historical Photos: Lionel Thomas

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