Robert W. Harrison
Red River Passage, 1995
Brick, concrete, galvanized steel
Outside Art Barn
Restored in 2011.


National Gallery of Canada website:
Artists in Canada
Robert Harrison’s Web Site

His love of ceramics began in second year, when upon the suggestion of a friend he took a ceramics class from Robert Archambeau.  Archambeau became his mentor and the relationship has turned into a life-long friendship.  “He planted a lot of seeds in my mind and his guidance which gave me the eye towards asian and oriental ceramics, amongst other types…..” (Telephone interview, Nov. 19, 2013)

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2 Responses to Harrison

  1. Leif Larsen says:

    Qr code as a signature. Wonderful.

  2. The artist Robert Harrison was here the week of July 25th restoring his sculpture. The steel sheathing was unscrewed and removed, then the cement patched and then the steel replaced.

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