Royden Josephson
Climax, 1970
Located south of Drake

Royden Josephson’s Homepage
Artist Interview about Climax

The following was written by the artist on March 7, 2014:
The sculpture was  commissioned in 1969, the year of my BFA graduation. The commission was awarded by the Campus Planning Commission after I had submitted drawings and a maquette of the proposed sculpture. I received no remuneration, but was provided with a materials budget of $1000. I worked on it in the sculpture department of the art school and it was installed in the summer of 1970, with the assistance of the maintenance department of UM.  The welding on site was done by their qualified personnel. The UM maintenance painters did the painting as well. The components were prefabricated and brought to the site – some of the pieces I made in the studio and some were made up at Dominion Bridge.I had been involved in making sculptures in steel, completing approximately half a dozen in 1968-69. When I left Winnipeg and the U M in 1971, these sculptures were left behind in the care of various individuals, and I have lost track of their whereabouts.The sculpture Climax has been in place now for 43 years. It has obviously enjoyed interaction with the public over that time, its size and design inviting physical engagement. This along with metal fatigue, I suppose has resulted in a structural deterioration. To my knowledge (and observation) it has not been maintained in any way. I have provide Jenny Western with copies of my original working drawings after she and I met to discuss the issue in July 2010. I have also provided photos of the sculpture when it was new. I have offered to personally attend and assist in any restorative work that the University is ready to employ.I want to thank Jenny Western and Liv Valmestad for there efforts to restore this sculpture.

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