Abrahm Anghik Ruben
Shaman and Sedna, 2011
Entrance to Aboriginal Centre

“An Inuvialuit artist, Ruben hails from the Southern Gulf Islands in B.C. He has spent the last three decades honing his work and focusing on Inuit art and culture. “The base of the sculpture is a Shaman on one knee, holding up a boy flanked by a bear and a raven,” he said. “Around them are muskox, wolves, whale and walrus. This part of the sculpture deals with the Inuit of the Western Arctic and their specific story, while the upper part of the Shaman and Sedna deals with Inuit culture as a whole–two key representations of Inuit culture.” (Seccia, Stefania. “University uses art to Indigenize campus.” Windspeaker May 2011: 20. CPI.Q (Canadian Periodicals). Web. 12 July 2011).


National Gallery of Canada websites:
Artists in Canada/Dictionary of Canadian Artists

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  1. Ashley Dunnick says:

    Hey Liv. Just doing an extra one. Thought it was interesting.

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