Kae Sasaki
Hannah’s Garden – Girl Walking in Flowers, completed 2014
h 35” x w 15 x d 17”
Plasticene and bronze images

Artist Interview, July 2012
Artist’s Statement
Artist’s Website

This  is a full-scale, free standing figurative sculpture of a child to be cast in bronze and is approximately three feet tall on the ground. Close up, her skin is smooth in contrast to the images of flowers of the four seasons, carved in high-relief and winding around her dress. The imagery, informed by historical Japanese screen imagery is, in this relief expression, a significant departure from tradition. Patination accentuates the pictorial elements on the bronze surface. From a distance the striding girl appears to be listening as she moves through a changing garden. Her gesture suggests an acute awareness of and connection to her surroundings. Does she wish to whisper something or is she listening? Does the awkward left hand, held as only a child does, mirror the right hand in an attempt to amplify sound, or is it simply a first reaching outward to the flowers that envelop her? The viewer kneels and discovers a blossoming awareness in the child’s eyes. There is a shared, if fleeting, connection. (from artist interview,July 2012)

“Annual event recognizes teachers for ‘going that extra mile,'” University of Manitoba Bulletin, May 24,2012.


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