Unknown (Aerial Landscape)
ceramic, 1964
Russell Building Foyer


“Commissioned by John A. Russell, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba in 1964.  This was Sures first mural commission and he was paid $400 (which he said was a lot of money in light of the fact that he was selling coffee mugs for $4 at the time). According to Sures (who had completed several solo flights as a pilot), the work depicts the topography fo the Prairie landscape seen from above.” (Liv Valmestad in a telephone interview with Jack Sures, July 2013).


National Gallery of Canada websites:
Artists in Canada/Dictionary of Canadian Artists 
Born in Brandon in 1934, Sures studied art at the University of Manitoba and Michigan State University. In 1965, he came to the Regina Campus of the University of Saskatchewan to establish a ceramics program. His teaching was saluted with the U of R Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 1991.  The same year, he became a member of the Order of Canada.  His work has been shown worldwide.  Sures retired from the U of R 1998 and received the honorary title of “professor emeritus” the same year.  So great is his reputation that he was among five finalists for the 2002 Saidye Bronfman Award for contributions to Canadian art.  Will Chabun. “Acclaimed artist adds Order to list of honours :[Final Edition].” Star – Phoenix, January 27, 2004, (accessed July 18, 2011).

36 Responses to Sures

  1. Idafum Chuwkuebuka Stephen says:

    The texture of the materials on the surface is very unique. It’s a combination of different materials that have various textures and they merge together to form a design. That’s what’s up Liv.😎😎🤗🖒

  2. Neil Haque says:

    Learning more about the russell building is really cool!! 🤓

  3. Joeux tuyishime says:

    It an interesting topographic map. It’s little hard to see it because it’s an Ariel view. It takes time to notice that it is a map 🤗😶😮

  4. Joeux tuyishime says:

    It is interesting look 👀. A little hard to figure out what it is until you get a good look a it 😮😮😶

  5. Joeux tuyishime says:

    It’s interesting to try to figure out what it is.

  6. Micaela Stokes says:

    what a wonderful use of texture

  7. Shane Cuenca says:

    I was here!

  8. Rochell Castillo says:

    I was here.

  9. Rochell Castillo says:

    I was here, Liv.

  10. Shane Cuenca says:

    I was here Liv!

  11. Mae Anne Bathan says:

    I was here

  12. Arafat Hussain Aikee says:

    Looks like a map or an aerial view of a landscape.

    Thanks for the help Liv! 😊

  13. Sining he says:

    The Russell building is a wonderful building because of it was made by glass and nice interior decoration.

  14. Hey Liv, I was here.

  15. John Gabantu says:

    Hey Liv,
    Broken glass always does it for me.
    I was here btw 🙂

  16. Ikeatogbe uchechukwu Victoria says:

    It is a really nice piece of art give a sense of an abstract art.

  17. Michael Li says:

    I think it looks like a landscape and there are parts that stand out. The color is brown,dark color. I think that is really special.

  18. Benjamin says:

    Abstract design. Looks like it’s made of tiles, stone and plaster. Tiles vary in shape and size with segments of stone surrounding the center. parallelry cut tiles at the top. Amazing piece of work. snake like patterns are displayed in the centre too.

  19. Benjamin says:

    almost forgot. Boarder by a metal like material

  20. Claire Huberdeau says:

    The textures on the artwork are very prominent and were well done for what they are representing. The look of this artwork almost seems like a a terrain with roads and rocks.

  21. Efemena Isume says:

    The combination of the patterns, rough and smooth texture and colours (various shades of brown, black and grey) makes it looks like a map, the protruding rough brown texture simulates mountains or rocks and the smooth greyish and black patterns are paths.

  22. phialeonzon says:

    i was here for visual lit

  23. Pacifique Munga says:

    It’s getting got in here

  24. Delton Kreller says:

    Liv I’m here

  25. Ashley Dunnick says:

    Hi Liv. I really liked the visual texture in this piece of art.

  26. Aldion Del Mundo says:

    Here for VL!

  27. Aldion Del Mundo says:

    Was here for VL!

  28. Russel Franz Hernan says:

    Hi Im Russel from visual lit class

  29. Jassy Sese says:

    I was here for visual literacy

  30. Maisie Berens says:

    I love the texture!

  31. Jacob brown says:

    I was here

  32. Nitleen Gupta says:

    The art piece has great texture and color scheme.

  33. Tiana Matic says:

    Although I have been in the Russell building and walked by this artwork many times, I have never been able to stop and look at it. Upon really looking at this piece I realized that I really like it. Its tones and colours are neutral and earthy and fit this space perfectly. It is big but not overpowering and I also like the protruding texture of the piece.

  34. Ievan maric says:

    Unique use of materials

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