Don Wallace
Expo ’67, 1967
metal, cast aluminum
originally tangerine orange
Donated by Seagram’s
Located in front of Fletcher Argue


This sculpture was one of 22 commissioned by the House of Seagram for the open-air exhibition on throughout the site at Expo ’67 in Montreal. At the time became known as “one of the largest and most valuable collections of major works by Canadian contemporary sculptors ever assembled.” (Display of Sculpture at Expo Purchased by Seagram’s , Montreal Gazette, May 1, 1967).


Don Wallace was born in Oil Springs, Ontario, 1922. He studied at the Hammersmith School of Art in London, England and at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, U.S. His commissions include Brussels World Fair, Milan Triennale, Expo ’67, Royal Bank of Canada, University of Toronto, Metro Toronto, Mercantile Bank of Canada, Canada Trust, National Trust, Monarch Assurance Company and Great West Life Assurance Company. (NGC, Sculpture ’67: an open-air exhibition of Canadian sculpture, p. 112). Wallace also participated in the Canadian Conceptual Art: Sculpture ’67 Group Exhibition, 1967, Toronto City Hall.   List of Artists Participating, CCCA. Don Wallace Interview and image of Signal Totem, 1967, p.96-7, NGC, Sculpture ’67: an open-air exhibition of Canadian sculpture.


Wallace was one of several artists commissioned to create a public art work for the MacDonald Block Complex, Queen’s Park , Toronto for the Government of Ontario Art Collection at Queen’s Park.   (Archives of Ontario: Unititled, 1966-8.)


Archives of Canada: artist information
Archives of Ontario: artist information
National Gallery of Canada websites: Artists in Canada



2 Responses to Wallace

  1. Lindsay Mamchur says:

    Really cool to have learned a little bit about this piece in class before seeing it in person!

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